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Message from the President

Welcome to our official site.

We started our business on Guam seven years ago with the purchase of P.I.C. Guam in 2005. Since then, we acquired the Palace Hotel, later converted to Sheraton, and also the Hyatt Regency, Hilton and Nikko Hotel. We also purchased Country Club of the Pacific, the golf course. As our investments increased, P.H.R.’s scope of operations has also expanded. In this streak of acquisitions, P.H.R. KEN Micronesia, Inc. was always in the core of transactions.

To new comers, I am always used to the words of Mr. Kensuke Tanaka, the president of Ken Corporation Ltd. “What we are aiming at is Superior and Ultimate Hospitality. I would like to realize such hospitality so that our guests will say as if they were in a Tropical Paradise.”

We will continue to do our best to contribute, not only to the tourism industry but also to the local community of Guam.

Mitsuo Sato
P.H.R. Ken Micronesia, Inc.

P.H.R. Ken Micronesia, Inc.

231 Ypao Road, Suite 101
Ernst & Young Building
Tamuning, Guam 96913

Tel: (671) 646-3860
Fax: (671) 646-3865

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